GraftinGardeners Ltd is a professional tree surgery business located in London, that offers comprehensive services throughout North and South London. The company is recognized for its unique green, white, and black work fleets, and boasts a team of highly skilled tree surgeons, comprised of climbers and groundsmen.

Their services include tree felling and removal, where they are equipped to remove unwanted trees from clients' properties. The company has a track record of having felled hundreds of trees, demonstrating its proficiency and experience in this aspect of tree surgery.

In addition, GraftinGardeners Ltd offers tree pruning and reducing services, which they acknowledge as a vital aspect of tree care and maintenance. Their pruning services aim to make trees safer, whilst also ensuring they remain healthy and well-balanced.

The company also provides stump grinding and removal services, using their specialist equipment. This service features as part of the overall extensive scope of tree surgery services provided by GraftinGardeners.

Beyond traditional tree surgery operations, the company extends its service areas to include ivy removal, tree planting, hedge trimming, tree pollarding, tree lighting, and tree cable bracing. Furthermore, they conduct tree surveys and offer commercial tree services, thus catering to a broad spectrum of clients including landlords, homeowners, and managing agents.

GraftinGardeners also sells biomass products like firewood and biomass wood chip. They also have provision for handling cases of Storm Damaged Trees and offer grounds maintenance services.

With a firm focus on tree conservation and an environmental statement, the company displays a commitment to the environment alongside their business operations. They have an emergency tree work service indicating readiness to deal with tree-related incidents at any time, and they also provide tree surgeon jobs, showing their contribution to employment in the trade.

Verdict: GraftinGardeners Ltd is a multifaceted tree surgery business located in London, known for their broad range of services, skilled team, and commitment to environmental conservation.

Business address

GraftinGardeners Ltd
45 Swanwick Close,
SW15 4ES
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: 0208 123 7653