Ruby Turf Direct is an artificial grass company that operates both in retail and wholesale capacity. They specialize in the import, wholesale, and installation of artificial grass. One of their core values is collaboration with clients, which ensures the creation of functional and beautiful designs tailored to both, the clients' unique style and their home environment. The aim is to create an environment in which their clients will enjoy spending time for years to come.

Beyond offering a range of artificial grass options, Ruby Turf Direct pride themselves on efficient customer service. Their warehouse operations are focused on catering to all client needs quickly and efficiently. The emphasis is on maintaining partnerships built on trust and excellent customer service. Their commitment to their client base is even more noticeable when it comes to financing the installation of the artificial grass. For those customers who are under financial constraint, Ruby Turf Direct provides assistance in personalizing a financing plan.

With 15 years of experience, the company assures its customers about the quality and attention to detail in the installation of their artificial turf. They pride themselves on the quality of their artificial turf and promise customer satisfaction with every detail of their product. Clients can expect customized designs to create beautiful, unique, and comfortable additions to their homes.

Ruby Turf Direct's team is dedicated to delivering the best synthetic grass coupled with exceptional customer service. They also offer free estimates so if a potential client is unsure about the cost of synthetic grass installation, they can avail a cost estimate without any obligations. This approach gives prospective customers some assurance before they commit to a project.

In conclusion, Ruby Turf Direct seeks to offer their customers a comprehensive service. This includes the wholesale and retail of artificial grass, the provision of installation services, and an opportunity to customize their product. They go a step further to assure customers' financial convenience and ensure a swift delivery of their services. Their years of experience guarantees customers satisfaction and a dedicated team is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional customer service at all times.

Business address

Ruby Turf Direc
330 Rancheros Dr Ste 124-126,
San Marcos,
United States

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Phone: 7602903046