South Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros is an established business offering an array of services dedicated to the cleaning, repair, and restoration of oriental rugs. Based in South Beach, Florida, the company serves a broader area including Miami Beach, Pinecrest, and South Miami.

They specialize in cleaning oriental rugs, an item treasured by many homeowners for its high quality and often possessing family sentimental value, which may boost the requirement for specialized maintenance. More common types of cleaning might fail to meet the unique needs that Oriental rugs present. South Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros addresses this issue by providing the necessary expertise and techniques to clean such rugs effectively and safely.

In addition to general cleaning, South Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros also offers a range of other related services. For antique rugs that need more than just cleaning, the company provides repair services. They handle both minor and major reparations, restoring rugs to their former beauty.

The business also extends its services to area carpet repairs and area rug cleaning. If a rug has undergone color changes due to spills or sunlight exposure, the company offers color correction services. Fringe cleaning and repair are also part of their service list, ensuring the full extent of the rug remains in excellent condition.

Furthermore, the company offers area rug padding services. Padding not only extends the life of a rug but also makes it safer and more comfortable to use. South Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros applies their thorough understanding of rugs to advise and provide suitable padding services.

The business has several specific services for Persian rugs, including cleaning and repair. In instances where pets have caused odors or stains, they provide specialized removal techniques to tackle these problems effectively. The company also provides water damage restoration service, significantly useful for homeowners living in flood-prone areas.

Finally, they have a dedicated service for wool rug cleaning. Wool, being a common material, requires special attention when cleaning its fiber, and the business ensures this with their dedicated service.

To summarize, South Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse and unique needs of oriental, Persian, antique, area and wool rugs. Their specialist approach covers everything from cleaning to repair, ensuring the longevity and preservation of these prized household items.

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South Beach Oriental Rug Pros
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