AJ Services is a proficient commercial cleaning company committed to providing outstanding janitorial and office cleaning services to an array of businesses. The company's services extend to a variety of establishments such as offices, schools, churches, dealerships, restaurants, gymnasiums, libraries, multi-tenant buildings, and more, demonstrating their adaptability and versatility.

The company is distinguished for its professional codes of integrity, honesty, and respect, setting high standards for its cleaning services which results in customer satisfaction. Each cleaning service is executed meticulously, leaving the serviced areas spotless. This careful attention to detail is reflective of AJ Services' commitment to quality and excellence in their niche.

Significantly, AJ Services exhibits environmental consciousness, utilizing only green and eco-friendly products during its cleaning operations. This approach not only manifests their responsibility towards environmental conservation but also bears potential health benefits for businesses. Independent studies cited by AJ Services indicate that the usage of eco-friendly products links to a more productive work environment, with a lower incidence of sick-day absences. This unique selling proposition could be beneficial for businesses striving to enhance their work environment, employee health, and productivity.

The company supplements its cleaning services with porter services and building maintenance, further encompassing the diverse needs of its clients. To aid their customers, AJ Services provides easy access to request a free quote on their offered services. This aspect suggests their client-focused approach and intent to maintain transparent pricing policies.

In sum, AJ Services stands out for its comprehensive and professional commercial cleaning services, dedicated green practices, and a wide array of serviced locations. The company's dedication to its clients, evident in its commitment to quality, green protocols and transparency, posits AJ Services as a valuable choice for businesses seeking top-notch commercial cleaning solutions.

Business address

5811 Fox Lake Rd
United States

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Phone: 8775925326