Rhode Island Power Washing and Roof Cleaning is a locally owned and operated company providing pressure washing services across a variety of surfaces. Their offerings include power washing, roof cleaning, patio cleaning, and deck cleaning as well as commercial and residential services. Especially notable offerings include fence and driveway cleaning, fleet cleaning, and pool deck cleaning.

The company serves numerous areas including Providence, Cranston, Warwick, and Johnston among others. It is highlighted for its commitment to meeting customer needs with prompt and professional service delivery. Key to Rhode Island Power Washing and Roof Cleaning's service delivery are competitive pricing customized to client's diverse needs and budgets.

Rhode Island Power Washing and Roof Cleaning places a significant emphasis on the quality and safety of their services. They boast of a team of experts who ensure efficient results. Moreover, the company's confidence in their services, as shown by their customer satisfaction guarantee, speaks to their commitment to quality service.

An added feature of the company is their provision for potential customers to get free estimates, making it easy for customers to understand the cost implications before starting a project. Equally important is their proactive partner relationships, although the text does not specify who these partners are.

This review points to Rhode Island Power Washing and Roof Cleaning as a comprehensive, customer-centric pressure washing solution that prides itself on service excellence, safety, effective communication, and competitive pricing.

Business address

Rhode Island Power Washing and Roof Cleaning
75 Abbott St #1,
Rhode Island
United States

Contact details

Phone: (401) 496-9519