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One of the most essential services required by working parents is home domestic services: Childcare. In order for the parent to get the right childcare or day care service, he/she should go through various crucial steps. A parent will need to approach the daycare search as one would approach a job search. If the parent lives in a big city, it may be important to begin the job search early in advance because daycare slots tend to fill up very quickly in large cities. After finding a promising homecare or daycare center, the parent will need to go through several steps to ensure that it is one he/she will want to stick with.

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The first step a parent should do is to identify his/her priorities. This simply means deciding what he/she wants. For instance, the parent should decide if he/she needs a daycare that is closer to work or one that is close to home. Another thing that a parent should consider is whether he/she would prefer to have the child in a center with many kids or one that has few kids. A wise idea would be to make a list of all that is required so that references can be made to the list while sizing up potential centers.

Secondly, it is important to do some research. As a parent, it would be wise to ask from family and friend about the best daycare or homecare centers available. It would also be a good idea to inquire from experts such as referral agencies which can offer references to licensed centers in the area.

Thirdly, the parent should visit the potential childcare centers and conduct interviews with the staff at the centers. Before visiting the centers, the parent can make a phone call and ask a few questions regarding the fees or the children's ages. On the visit to the daycare center, the parent should take the opportunity to ask all the relevant questions and get clarifications for anything that may not be clear.

Fourthly, the parent should compare the references provided by the referral agencies as well as the references provided by friends and family members. Referees who provide positive word of mouth imply a powerful endorsement. It may also be wise to request for past as well as present references from each daycare and contact them. It is a good idea to ask their previous as well as current customers about their experiences and opinions of the daycare centers.

Another important thing that a parent should do when looking for a daycare service for his/her child is to kid-test each of the potential centers. This means visiting each of the childcare centers along with the kid. This is important because it will offer the parent an opportunity to see how the kid and the caregiver will interact.

Finally, after eliminating all the choices and narrowing down to the daycare that best fits the parent's needs, the parent can go ahead and sign a contract with the selected daycare center. However, a parent should not be disappointed when the daycare center puts him/her on a waiting list because it may be better to wait than rush and regret in the future.


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