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In home domestic services are no longer just about cleaning and feeding a small child. We have come a long way over the past 75 years in at home child education. Happy time and safety are still priorities, we may say. But the modern focus is more on education in the home.

Education at home
Home Education

Many people think of early childhood education as pushing too hard. Many good parents think that emphasizing education in the home before children are off to school is too competitive. But now we know that early learning experiences are very good for a child. It is not so they are better than other children it is so they can be the same. One of the most important aspects of a child's early development is self esteem. Learning things builds a positive attitude and increases self esteem.

So when looking into some domestic service to help with your child, check to make sure their curriculum matches what you want. A good tool when interviewing is asking specifically what a day would be like for the interviewee and your child or children. If it includes all the areas you would like, then that is a good choice for you. Your child's in home educator will not be a good choice if they simply do what you tell them and do not want to do it.

Do not prioritize one subject over another. The most important concept is that the child learns to learn and enjoys learning. The same is true for electronics. Electronics are not a babysitter and the also are not evil. Learning how to use them to learn is very important to prevent fear and/or abuse. Any in home educator must be proficient with modern teaching tools.

Do not worry about the title given to your in home teacher. For young children it should be more about the feeling that your applicant gives than any technicality. Childhood development educational background is great, but should be secondary to your instinct about who will take care of your child. It is just a fact that some people are very good at it and others are terrible.

Be careful about who you bring into your home. They really should be fully connected to some sort of agency that brags about the background checks done on their people. They should have a recent physical exam and up to date shots.

Take the time to sit down a few times and really decide particulars about what you want in the person you hire and your goals for your child. Then do not settle for anything less. Your ultimate goal is the happiness of your child.

One last important tool at your fingertips is government agencies that regulate, license and police the industry of child education and care. If who you hire should be and is not licensed or certified you should think again. They and you may be breaking the law, and that is not what you want your child to learn.


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