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  • Curtis Septic Service
    One of the oldest, most experienced septic companies in Worcester County, Massachusetts specializing in residential and commercial septic system installation, repair and septic tank pumping/maintenance services.

  • Eliminate Ltd Pest Control
    Eliminate Ltd offer expert pest control across Scotland and England. If you are in need of pest control for your home or business, get in touch with Eliminate today! They specialise in rodent control in Edinburgh and surrounding areas alongside bee and wasp removal.

  • Home & Farming
    An online resource for people who live in the country, or just wish that they did, or hope to some day. It's about self-reliance, problem solving, DIY and simply making this life that we ruralites adore even better.

  • Anglia House Clearance
    A house clearance company that operates across East Anglia. Offering full house clearance, office clearance and probate valuation.

Domestic Services Web Directory

Home domestic services is a broad range of jobs that entails general household staff in a variety of areas. The salaries and benefits are generally based on the country, the skills required, and the responsibilities given to the employee.

One of the most highly used positions in home and domestic services is a housekeeper. This is a position that is filled by one or more people who are responsible for cleaning and caring for a home.

A housekeeper generally does anything that is needed to maintain a mannered appearance in the home and ensures the safety and security of the possessions in their care. Housekeepers generally know how to take care of materials such as silver, crystal, marble, and silk. Generally, a housekeeper will have a daily schedule as well as monthly or yearly tasks.

Depending on the size of the home, this position can be part or full-time and the number of responsibilities will vary as well. A family cook may be a separate position or be part of the housekeeping position.

Home Domestic Services Directory

A cook generally plans the menus for the home, shops for the pantry, and cleans and organizes the cooking area. They are generally specially trained in the culinary arts and can meet certain dietary needs and wants. Generally, cooks are able to put together an inviting table to provide an excellent level of food service.

A gardener or groundskeeper is a position that is generally held by people with large homes and estates. This position may be a full-time or a part-time position and is generally used most frequently in the summer months.

These trained individuals are responsible for providing general security for both the home and the property. This can include ensuring the upkeep of the home's security system or trimming bushes and weeding. The variety of tasks in this area vary widely and depending on the needs of the homeowners, the job description for this position can change frequently.

Usually daily and monthly tasks will be outlined for this position. A nanny is also a frequently hired position for many people. Finding a qualified nanny can be a challenge, but individuals with childcare experience and degrees in childhood education or a related field usually do very well in this area. This is usually a full-time position, at least for young children.

Nannies are responsible for the needs and safekeeping of the children and their duties include supervising the children, ensuring that they receive nutritious meals, helping them with developmental milestones, and be available for support and affection. Nannies are generally seen as members of the family since they work very closely with the children.

One final home and domestic services professional is a personal assistant. While many times these individuals work in an office, non-working people may also hire them to coordinate a busy schedule.

They are given the responsibility for daily duties which are generally secretarial in nature. They may also be responsible for personal shopping as well as special projects like holiday parties.

These are some of the most common home and domestic service positions available in addition to a brief description of the general duties and responsibilities of these positions.