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    Free and premium shed plans useful to start building DIY garden storage sheds.

  • Cutwrights Ltd
    Vast range of MDF sheet materials, from chipboard and hollow boards to maple veneered boards, plywood birch and high gloss MDF panels.

  • Dave's Garden EP
    A plant database is billed as the largest in the world, "...with 86,188 entries, 58,365 images and 33,503 comments." You can search by name or plant characteristics or just browse through the pictures. Searches are limited if you are not a registered member, but membership is free.

  • Free Vintage Crochet
    Has thousands of vintage crochet patterns which have passed into the public domain. Each pattern has been hand-restored and published for free to use for any purpose.

  • IdeaHacks
    Focusing on creating engaging content around natural health & beauty, green living, gardening ideas, home ideas, and survival.

  • Interior Doors and Exterior Doors
    Door Supplies Online offer all types of door ordered online. interior and exterior doors, hardwood interior, hardwood exterior, bespoke exterior doors, white moulded.

    Provides do it yourself advice to help home owners improve their lawn quality year round.

  • The Calculator Site: Square Footage Calculator
    An independent website based in the United Kingdom. It contains a multitude of calculators and converters for everyday use.

  • Wood Venetian Blinds
    UK online shop selling wooden blinds, roman or roller blinds, wood, vertical blinds and also made to measure venetian blinds as window coverings. Wooden blinds direct, real wood blinds made of quality.

  • Wooden Blinds
    Exquisitely manufactured to guarantee maximum comfort for variously built interiors, the wooden blinds provided by this UK supplier offer a wonderfully looking covering at discount offers suiting most budgets.

  • Better Homes and Gardens
    Decorating resource, filled with articles, tips, tricks and how-to guides. Features DIY projects and ideas shared by other users. Pictures and other media are included.

  • DIY Home Decor
    For the DIY enthusiasts, provides a resource on how to embellish and decorate your home with stuff that you can change or make yourself so it better fits the environment you live in.

  • DIY Network
    Website dedicated to DYI ideas and tricks for home decoration solutions. The articles are categorized by occasion, furniture, kitchen, living rooms, etc.

  • DIY Network - Home Improvement
    Home Improvements - smart ideas, experts, tools, make-overs, modern guides and techniques and many more.

  • FaveCrafts
    Online portal for all things related to arts and crafts and DIY home improvements and decoration ideas. Newsletters and a personal crafting project page are also available.

  • Fresh Home Ideas
    DIY projects presented and explained on this website. Design ideas and entertainment projects are also portrayed. Ideas for how to decorate your kitchen, living quarters and bedrooms.

  • Home Decorators Collection
    A collection of resources, articles, magazines, how-to guides and DIY projects for the expert and novice home decorated. Plenty of ideas and pictures are given on the website.

  • Home-Dzine
    South African DIY and decor website. Offers tips and tricks, articles and other resources to help people better manage their interior homes through DIY practices.

  • Homelife
    Living and decoration ideas featured on website. Aside from that, there are plenty of articles describing the decoration process and DIY projects which anyone can undertake.

  • Mile High Mamas
    Online community dedicated to women. Has a section on home interior decoration which features DIY projects and how-to guides.

  • Nifty Thrifty Girl
    A single mom's online resource for DIY projects that are cost-effective above everything else. Accepts and encourages user comments and suggestions and has a personal online shop set up.

  • Not JUST A Housewife
    Personal blog of a DIY enthusiasts. Here she gives out ideas, most of which she herself put in practice in her home. Pictures, tips and tricks and full articles are available on the blog.

  • The Inspired Room
    Blogs, galleries, pictures and other resources for home decoration. A main focus of the website are DIY projects and how-to articles related to them.

  • Tip Junkie Decorate
    A decoration page from Tip Junkie. Features numerous resources on how to decorate your home, DIY projects and how-to guides for decoration.

With the economy taking toll on everyone, people are turning to do it yourself steps in many areas of home and automobile solutions. You can search a web directory and obtain instructions on practically any repair.

Plumbing used to consist of having someone come out to your home and charge hundreds of dollars to replace a pipe, or snake a drain. Hardware stores actually sell the materials necessary to perform this task. Many will charge a small fee to show you exactly what to do as well.

When ordering something like a book case or entertainment center. Most places will charge you labor for putting it together. While this is convenient, save a bit of money by doing it yourself. Reading instructions is very easy and most will come with all of the parts, so all you need to do is assemble it.

Even something as simple as a flower arrangement. Buying one off the shelf can cost an easy $60- $100. Simply pick the flowers you want and ask a sales clerk what items you will need to create your vision.

If you`re good at decorating and you have aesthetic sense, you can create yourself some crafts in order to decorate your living room in a nice, rural style instead of buying expensive paintings. As well as that, it is ideal for you to plant flowers and take care of the garden on your own, instead of hiring a gardener to cut off some leafs and charge you for that. It is an easy thing to do and there is no sense in paying somebody to do something when you can do it yourself!

Besides the fact that you save lots of money when you do things on your own, remember that if you are practicing you will develop your skills in time. You will be more agile and accurate and you will see that it can turn out to be really funny to built a swing instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying a new one. Moreover, if we talk about problems that occur at home, why calling somebody to change a light bulb and charge you for that when you can do it yourself? People use to make such a big fuss out of everything and this is why most of them wouldn`t bother to move a finger when they know they can ask somebody else to do it and so they waste money.

Although you can do it yourself and solve most of the problems you encounter with at home, it is highly recommended that when you are having problems with your electric panel or a mesh to call the electrician. It would be dangerous to try and fix it yourself keeping in mind that there is high voltage. However, for all the other problems that occur at home you can find online tutorials that can teach you how to deal with them and do it yourself.

Maybe you're thinking about adding a deck or front porch. Imagine sitting out in the sun, sipping on a cool glass of lemonade on a deck you installed. A search for do it yourself decks will yield many companies that have manufactured decks just waiting for you. A web directory search will also give you step by step instructions on how to do it.

There are some companies that will test your automobile for any service engine soon problems for free as long as you're going to buy parts from them. Some may even offer advice on how easy or difficult it can be to change the part. Simple things as brakes, starters, and windshield wipers can easily be done all on your own.