Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd is a well-established company in the UK that specializes in designing, supplying, and installing warm water underfloor heating systems. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has amassed over a decade of practical experience in the field. Their target customer base comprises a large number of plumbers and builders, as well as individuals undertaking self-build projects. Many of these individuals find the company through recommendations, which is a testament to Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd's favorable reputation in the market.

A key feature of the company's offering is its range of high-quality underfloor heating kits. One example of these is the Nordic Pro 2 80-95. Customers can conveniently purchase these products online via the company's shop, making the purchase process easy and efficient. For customers with specific needs, Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd provides bespoke tailor-made systems. These customers can simply forward their floor plans to receive a free quote for a personalized system.

Importantly, the company also caters to customers who prefer to self-install their underfloor heating systems. To facilitate this, Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd provides a wealth of technical information on its website. This includes installation instructions, self-install information, technical document downloads, and commissioning instructions. These resources can be conveniently accessed from the company's technical information page.

For those customers who would rather not self-install, the company offers a comprehensive installation service. Customers interested in this service can easily get in touch to receive a free quote. This flexibility in service delivery methods means that customers with a wide range of needs and preferences can be accommodated.

Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd is also dedicated to providing expert advice and sales support, with a dedicated phone line open for inquiries. Prospective customers are therefore assured of receiving the information they need to make informed decisions. To support transparency and help customers understand the quality and effectiveness of their services, the company provides a number of case studies on its website.

Verdict: Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd is a comprehensive provider of underfloor heating solutions that combines quality products with expert service and support. Its ability to cater to both professional builders and self-builders, as well as its flexibility in service delivery, makes it a reliable choice for those seeking underfloor heating solutions.