Unreal Lawns is a Manchester-based company specialising in the supply and installment of artificial grass. Their offerings cater to both domestic and commercial clients, creating versatile outdoor spaces suitable for a variety of applications such as gardens, patios, event spaces, schools, and play areas.

Notably, Unreal Lawns carries a mission of transforming outdoor spaces into visually appealing areas that add overall value to a property. With the use of their artificial grass, homeowners can transform their gardens into stunning, low-maintenance areas, while commercial clients have the advantage of easily maintained and weather-resistant artificial lawns in their event spaces, schools and play areas.

Unreal Lawns operate in the North West of England, spreading their services to the areas of Manchester and Lancashire. They install high-quality artificial lawn products making outdoor areas usable throughout the year, a feature that appeals to the area's often unpredictable weather conditions. This adaptation helps maximise the utility of outdoor spaces for homeowners and businesses alike, ensuring outdoor areas remain functional year-round.

In addition to the supply and installation of artificial grass, Unreal Lawns provides several user-friendly features on their online platform. Their website offers potential clients the option to request samples and quotations, providing quick responses sent directly to customers' email addresses. They also offer a downloadable brochure and a section for customer testimonials where potential clients can read the experiences of previous Unreal Lawns customers.

In conclusion, Unreal Lawns offers a specialised service catering to individuals and commercial entities that require high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing artificial grass solutions. Their responsive online features expedite the purchase process and showcase their commitment to customer service. With their focus on creating visually appealing spaces that increase the utility and value of properties, Unreal Lawns stands as a reliable provider of artificial lawns in the Manchester and Lancashire areas.

Business address

Unreal Lawns
Unit 18 Moss Lane Industrial Estate,
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0800 917 8553