I was looking out for tips on good yet affordable tips on home decoration, I came across many sites that claimed they had awesome content. It was a different issue that hardly a few of them really made any sense. A little time spent Goggling for more relevant sites and I came across this site which instantly caught my attention. You know, I had to spend a few hours before reaching this site (though it came in first 100 Google results). What I liked about this site is that it is neatly laid out, smart uet sobre color combination, good and flowing language of the content, not too verbose yet not too picturesque. I found that the content has been originally written along with mention of the sources wherever applicable. It includes information not only on general properties / homes, but also tips on interior decoration (or home decor), home renovation, and safety. The advertisements were not intruding in the content, making reading a good experience. Though the site has not been refreshed lately (over last 1 month or so), I still feel that this is not a problem. One should post only when there is something really relevant to be posted. I would call it "jack of all". :) It has good potential to become widely referenced site under Properties / Real Estate category.


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