Ready Steady Bed is a UK-based online store specializing in home furniture ranging from bean bags and foam chairs, through to sofa beds and mattresses. Notably, they offer a bespoke range of children's furniture that is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. The company has been operating since 2006 in partnership with loft 25, a known industry player.

One of the standout product categories on the Ready Steady Bed website includes bean bags, available in various designs. These include classic play bean bags and more robust options designed for outdoor use. The choice among furniture is extensive as well, customers can buy cushions, foam sofas, footrests, and play tents.

In addition to their bean bags, Ready Steady Bed offers an assortment of other seating solutions. This includes foam chairs with different options such as armchairs, sofa beds, and sofas. They also feature a 'Z Beds' category, which comprises water-resistant, cotton twill, and printed Z beds. The Z Beds are available in both a single and double variant, providing flexibility to cater to different customer needs.

For those looking for sleeping solutions, Ready Steady Bed supplies a line of mattresses, featuring futon mattresses and cot mattresses. These products help to round out the store's comprehensive selection of home furnishings.

Ordering from the Ready Steady Bed comes with its perks. They offer free shipping and returns within the UK, promising customers the peace of mind if product returns need to be made. Moreover, they guarantee customer satisfaction, indicated by their 'Best Market Price Guarantee'.

Ready Steady Bed also provides notable customer support. They offer the advantage of online support 24/7 with a UK based Support Staff to aid customers with their queries and help them make informed buying decisions.

Their website is designed with functionality in mind, ensuring it is user-friendly so customers can easily compare products, view their shopping cart, and search through the various categories. Thus, Ready Steady Bed appears to be a one-stop-shop for a wide range of home furnishing needs. They offer quality products with a focus on children's furniture, ensuring they cater to a diverse audience. Their committed customer service assists shoppers making the purchasing process smoother.

Business address
7 St. James Place,
West Midlands
B7 4JE
United Kingdom