Atrium Wallcoverings delivers a distinct selection of modern and contemporary wallpapers, along with unique embossed wallcoverings. Their reputation, which has been well-curated over three decades, is built upon fast service and innovative quality. Their vast options in wallcoverings extend beyond the traditional flat surface, introducing texture and patterns to wallpaper that result in a truly unique visual experience.

Atrium's abilities to customize wallcoverings according to the clients' needs is one of their key selling points. They offer custom-made colors and textures, which could help to set your walls apart from ordinary ones and elevate your dwelling or commercial space to an outstanding level.

Their array of collections includes but not limited to the Santa Barbara, Starling, Portland Fragment, and Ginza Sekko. Notably, each collection brings a series of designs, patterns, and color schemes with their own unique namesake, such as the Spectrum Alloy painted panels and the Sullivan Soriano Aster.

In addition to their handcrafted wallcoverings, Atrium distinguishes itself with a varied portfolio of grasscloths and specialties. They also offer project installation, demonstrating their intent to provide an end-to-end service for customers. In this context, the firm can assume full responsibility for the quality and fit of the wallcovering, all the way from production to installation.

The showcased gallery on their website allows potential customers to take a peek at their contract printing work. This could act as a source of inspiration as well as a testament to Atrium's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, Atrium exhibits a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and contemporary wallpaper design, coupled with a strong focus on customer service. So, for those aiming to transform their residential or commercial spaces from the ordinary, Atrium Wallcoverings presents a viable choice. Their reliable service, wide product variety, and the ability to customize offers potential customers a worthwhile investment.