An interactive resource for interior designers, architects and the general public interested into house remodeling and design. Basically acting as an interior design magazine, this website offers exclusive, new and fresh content on a daily basis. Pictures, descriptions and lengthy articles can keep you busy for a while if you’re interested in this sort of stuff.

There are several main categories to choose from – interior design, furniture design, decorating, flooring, textile, wall coverings, lighting, product design and even landscaping. Each category has its own list of relevant articles and pictures, of course.

While there are a lot of pictures, some articles lack the content needed to give the whole perspective a certain feel. For example, one could want to order something from what can be seen in the picture – but without relevant links or product descriptions, it’s not possible. Some articles only have a couple lines of text and the rest are pictures.

But as eye candy, the stuff works great – you can waste away hours on end browsing through pictures. All of them are in high resolution and offer different perspectives on the same room or several options for decorating your interior home. There are some sidebar relevant resources for purchasing items and furniture which can help you turn your home into the home you see in the picture, granted you have the time to sit and search for each particular item in part.

Some social media integration is present as well. Architects and designers can submit their work on this website as well.