Decoraluz is an online shop store where you can find anything you need to decorate and illuminate your home. You will be able to choose between many different models of lamps for any of the rooms of your house and exterior lamps also.

We have been operating since 20 years ago and have the knowledge and the know how about decoration and illumination.  Decoraluz offers you also many thing to make your house look nicer with the latest trends.

You are going to find the best prices of home decoration and we have a great quality service of sale and the best customers deal. Choosing between all the decoration things, you will find many different styles like the clasic one, the rustic style, modern things, specially made for kids and so on that will fit perfectly at your house.

Also, you will find with us a huge palette of colours to be able to choose the one you like the most, with different sizes and shapes.

The buying process is very simple, and you can contact with us by phone or mail if you need it. Between the paying methods you can choose also the way it fits you better like paypal o bank transfer.

Decoraluz is your shop online to get illumination, decoration and furniture. We offer you as well accessories, kitchenware and textiles for household.