West Medical is a medical institution offering advanced bariatric surgery options and vein treatments. Its portfolio mainly includes weight loss bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgeries, as well as treatments for various vein conditions. The institution differentiates itself through the use of advanced technology and a user-friendly patient portal to make the appointment scheduling process easier for its patients.

The clinic provides a multitude of resources on their website, such as a BMI calculator and before-and-after pictures of bariatric and vein surgeries, helping potential patients to compare treatment options easily. Further, West Medical also offers surgeries for revisions which showcases their commitment towards the process of weight loss and treating vein conditions effectively.

West Medical's services are not limited to providing treatments, it extends to offering assistance for new patients through a range of resources. These include detailed information about their services, financial options to cover treatment costs, and a frequently asked questions section to facilitate a better customer experience and patient satisfaction.

Additionally, the facility prides itself on its comprehensive team of professionals and the access to advanced technology it provides for its procedures. These elements, coupled with minimal downtime reported after treatments, contribute to smooth patient experiences and effective treatment results.

To conclude, West Medical offers an encompassing suite of weight loss and vein treatment services, enabled with advanced technology and backed by a robust team of professionals. The institution integrates patient convenience at all levels, from appointment scheduling to providing post-treatment resources, ensuring their journey towards recovery is as seamless as possible.

Business address

West Medical
9301 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 406,
Beverly Hills,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (855) 690-0565