Bariatric Directory is a comprehensive web portal catering specifically to individuals seeking bariatric surgery and professionals in the field. Users can find an array of resources, including reliable websites and centers devoted to bariatric information, news, forums, financing support, and, notably, a wide range of bariatric surgeons and centers, sorted by region.

Upon visiting the website, accessibility and user-centric design stand out as key attributes. A simple yet cleanly designed interface facilitates seamless navigation through the portal, enabling users to effortlessly zero in on specific information. The website ensures the content remains fresh and relevant, updating the site monthly.

Primary resources include a selection of websites segregated into five distinct categories - Bariatric News, Bariatric Information/Guides, Paying for Bariatric Surgery, Bariatric Forums, and Find Bariatric Surgeons. Each category offers links to specialized sites, providing comprehensive coverage on the respective topics.

A standout feature is 'Find Bariatric Surgeons,' offering users direct access to reliable sources to locate and research potential bariatric surgeons and centers. The convenience of this tool underscores the directory's understanding of its users' needs.

The 'Bariatric Forums' section offers users access to active community platforms, where they can share experiences, solicit advice, and engage in discussions with peers on similar journeys - an indispensable tool for social support and user engagement.

Distinct from patient resources, the website also caters to professionals in the field. A separate 'Bariatric Directory for Professionals' is designed exclusively for professionals' use, maintaining a clear demarcation between patient and professional spaces, which enhances usability for target audiences.

Minor downsides exist; for instances, several of the links do not provide a brief summary or details about the linked source. Users without prior knowledge of the source might be reluctant to explore these links.

Verdict: Bariatric Directory is an outstanding resource for both individuals seeking bariatric surgery and professionals in the field. It provides a thorough, user-friendly, and efficient portal for locating, navigating, and utilizing relevant resources, with a touch of inclusivity by offering a separate directory for professionals.

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