Gastric Sleeve Centers is a healthcare institution that specializes in offering various weight-loss surgical options and operations. Their services are particularly tailored for individuals who might have had a long-standing struggle with weight. The center provides prospective patients with a free Gastric Sleeve Evaluation Form to assess their eligibility for the gastric sleeve procedure, indicating its commitment to personalized care.

Key among the procedures they perform is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery. This operation, also recognized as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve resection, involves surgically removing a significant part of the patient's stomach and remolding the remaining portion into a 'sleeve-like' form. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery procedure restricts the volume of food intake by reducing the stomach's size by about 60 to 80%. Additionally, it eliminates the part of the stomach responsible for producing the appetite-stimulating hormone Ghrelin, which aids in suppressing hunger.

In addition to Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Gastric Sleeve Centers also offer LAP-BAND and Gastric Bypass Surgery as alternative weight-loss procedures. The LAP-BAND operation involves placing an adjustable and removable band around the upper portion of the stomach, while Gastric Bypass Surgery entails creating a smaller stomach pouch by stapling most of the stomach. Both procedures work to limit food intake and subsequently drive weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve Centers urges prospective patients to contact them for a free consultation. Located in Los Angeles, the centers are purposefully designed to provide a high level of care and attention to patients. By offering several types of bariatric weight-loss surgery and personalized guidance, Gastric Sleeve Centers demonstrate a comprehensive approach to tackling weight related-health concerns, tailoring their services to meet the specifications of individual health needs.