NYBG Bariatric Surgeons operates in NYC and NJ, specializing in obesity treatments and bariatric surgery. They offer a wide range of services, making it a one-stop solution for patients needing weight loss interventions, highlighting their comprehensive approach to patient care.

The facility makes itself distinct, rooted in a team of specialized doctors, physician's assistants, and nurse practitioners, assuring that patients are guided by experts from various medical fields. Equally important are the nutritional and psychological services for pre- and post-operative care, showcasing their commitment to holistic patient management.

They operate in various locations, indicating a broad reach to different communities. Their surgical center, endoscopy suite, and ambulatory surgical center are on-site, suggesting that patients are provided with quality care in a controlled, comfortable, and accessible environment.

NYBG also takes pride in their affiliations, press releases, and the positive reviews they've garnered over time, indicating the credibility of their practice. They provide educational opportunities through their Bariatric Surgery Fellowship Programs, suggesting their contribution to the growth of the medical community in the areas of obesity and bariatric surgery.

Public education is a cornerstone of their practice, as they host seminars and provide extensive informational resources about obesity, the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery, and the various solutions they offer. Their open discussion of the procedure's potential side effects showcases their transparency and patient-centred approach.

Importantly, they are equipped to perform an array of medical weight loss procedures, allowing flexibility in their treatment plans. Among other procedures, they offer laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric banding, duodenal switch, and gastric bypass surgery. They also offer specialized services such as surgery for adolescents and revisional bariatric surgery for patients with varying needs.

Lastly, their commitment to the patient journey stands out, as their comprehensive care extends from pre-surgical workup to recovery and follow-up. They even provide dietary tips and support groups, reinforcing their dedication to post-operative care and long-term patient success.

To sum, NYBG Bariatric Surgeons is a comprehensive, patient-centered facility for obesity treatment and bariatric surgery, distinguished for their multidisciplinary team of experts, commitment to public education, and in-depth approach to the complete patient journey.

Business address

New York Bariatric Group
275 Seventh Ave 2nd Floor,
New York,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 800-633-8446