Holistic websites have been coming up all over the Internet but finding one that balances the right amount of reliable content and user-friendliness can be quite hard to do. With the ease in creating any website, anyone can create a holistic website and call themselves experts on the topic. However, you need to get your information on living a holistic lifestyle from the experts, the practitioners and the people who dedicated their lives to living and teaching their lifestyle. This is where www.bevitality.com comes in. 



Be Vitality connects users with expert practitioners who can guide them through the practice of a holistic lifestyle. From counselors to relationship coaches, experts in energy meditation and spiritual counseling, users can have all the resources they need straight from the people who practice the holistic lifestyle.

Articles and Blogs

This section contains all the material needed to support a person's personal growth as he lives the holistic lifestyle. Materials are written by the experts themselves, from authors like Paul Hoyt and Sally Stubbs. This section is a great source of information for those who want to know more about new and developing therapies such as Ralpha therapy. Topics like indigenous medicine, communication skills and other issues are also covered. 


Here members can get the details on upcoming events such as introductory classes, meditation groups, community clinics and the like. This is one way for old and new practitioners to socialize, share experiences and for expert practitioners to interact with those who are new to the holistic lifestyle. 


The site offers a varied array of lifestyle products for sale, from audio recordings to healing tools, essential oils and powders. This is a one stop shop for practitioners looking for supplementary products that can help them advance in their practice. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The site comes with a money-back guarantee for memberships. If the member is not satisfied with a practitioner or vendor after a full session, he or she is entitled to a refund. 

Search Tool

The search tool at the top portion of the site is really helpful in navigating the site and finding specific articles, topics, practitioners and products. With the vast amount of information in one site, the search tool allows finding a specific product so much easier. 

Pros and Cons

There is little to complain about when it comes to this site. The layout is clean and uncluttered but at the same time you get a great amount of information just by looking at one page. All pages and features can be accessed from the main page. Navigation from one section to the next is easy, with sections appropriately labelled. Practitioners also have their own photos and descriptions to make choosing easier for members. The products section comes with a wide selection of holistic products, from essential oils to teas. For anyone who is interested in incorporating these products into a new holistic lifestyle, finding a product that will suit his or her personal taste as well as lifestyle goals will not be hard. 

A user-friendly lay-out, useful and engaging content, access to expert practitioners and related products make www.bevitality.com a gem of a site for holistic practitioners and those just starting out with the lifestyle. A money-back guarantee allows members to fully try the experience without spending anything if they are unsatisfied. Reliable customer support adds to the satisfactory user experience, making this one of the ideal holistic sites you can find online.