Marketing for Procedures and Therapies Websites


  • Refractive Source
    Provides detailed information for doctors and patients regarding refractive surgery. Includes benefits, risks, alternatives, and more.

  • ReSquared Medical
    For locals and tourists alike, their IV infusions and IM Shots specially formulated for: athletic prep and recovery, immunity recovery and jet lag / fatigue treatment, party prep and hangover recovery and more.

  • Seven Oaks Sleep Science
    New York City infant & toddler sleep specialist, Dr. Natalie Barnett, will tailor sleep solutions for your baby based upon your circumstances. She specializes in teaching healthy sleep habits to babies aged 3 months to 18 months. Dr. Barnett is a scientist with postgraduate training in pediatric sleep science. She brings a scientific yet gentle approach to sleep training and all of her methods are based upon published sleep research.

  • South Florida ENTs
    Board-certified South Florida ENTs and here to help you with your ear, nose and throat treatments. Learn more about their ENTs and treatments at South Floridan ENT Associates.

  • Surgical Eyes
    Grassroots organization which was founded to help people who have had unsuccessful elective refractive surgeries. Includes forums, news, and information on how to file complaints.

  • Tennis elbow treatment tips
    Information on how tennis elbow is treated: guides, news and articles.

  • Vision Correction Website
    Provides information and a nationwide directory of eye doctors performing excimer laser refractive surgery.

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