Whole Dental Wellness in Roseville, MI is a full-service dental practice that caters to a variety of dental needs. The firm offers a wide range of services including general and family dentistry, dental crowns and bridges, dental emergencies, fillings and bonding, fluoride treatment, hygiene, oral cancer screenings, and tooth extraction.

They also have a specialization in pediatric dentistry, including the care of children on their first visit. Other cosmetic services offered by Whole Dental Wellness are comprehensive and include cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental veneers, dentures, and facial injectables. Services to address missing teeth issues are also available including dental implants, bone regeneration, socket grafting, sinus lifts, and the 'All-on-Four' dental implants.

Periodontic offerings focus on gum health and periodontal maintenance, providing education on periodontitis and treatments including surgical interventions, gum recession treatment, and laser dentistry. They also offer a range of other specialty services such as root canal therapy, crown lengthening, dealing with impacted teeth, frenectomy, and gingivectomy, as well as sedation dentistry for those who might be nervous about dental procedures.

Cutting edge technology is integral to the operations of Whole Dental Wellness. They employ several advanced dental technologies like cone beam decay detection, digital impressions, digital X-Rays, intraoral cameras, and oral DNA testing.

The dental team at Whole Dental Wellness consists of experienced and skilled practitioners, including Dr. Whitney D. Weiner, Dr. Rebecca Schwarcz, Dr. Natasha Aazami, and Dr. James Tangalos. Besides providing treatment, the team also takes time to educate patients about their dental health.

The practice goes further to ensure patient comfort and ease, offering a comprehensive patient portal, a gallery showcasing smiles they have helped perfect, and positive testimonials from satisfied clientele. The practice also places great emphasis on safety measures, following stringent hygiene procedures for the benefit of both staff and patients.

For added convenience, Whole Dental Wellness provides options for payments and insurance and prioritizes accessibility. Emergency appointments and same-day appointments are also catered for, showing Whole Dental Wellness's commitment to responsive and comprehensive dental care.

In conclusion, Whole Dental Wellness in Roseville, MI is a well-equipped and versatile dental practice, staffed by a team of experienced professionals. Their wide range of services, use of advanced technologies, and commitment to patient education and comfort make them a reliable choice for dental care in the area.

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Whole Dental Wellness
21055 12 Mile Road,
United States

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Phone: (586) 772-0100