South Florida ENT Associates (SFENTA) is Florida's largest ENT group. They are known for providing the highest degree of care for almost all ear, nose, and throat conditions. Their services incorporate advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge medical treatments, and minimally-invasive surgeries that South Florida patients require to be free from their symptoms and recover their wellbeing. SFENTA has a website where you can learn all about their purpose of existence. And now, let's take a look at what you should expect from the website.

The User Interface

The overall appearance of the website is immaculate. It looks good. Be that as it may, one of the first things a regular web suffer will look for the moment they visit a website, is the main menu. This website's main menu is not necessarily a conventional one. On most websites, the main menu will be a conspicuous rectangle that runs from corner to corner on the site, with the menu items in it. But in this website, the main menu is presented as three bars on top of each other, at the top right corner of each web page, with the word "Menu" immediately to their left. If you click on those bars, the main menu will be revealed, and it'll cover the entire screen of your monitor. To the left of the main menu, you'll discover the main menu items. Some of them have a white arrowhead pointing to the right of the page. If you click on one of these menu items, more options will be revealed on the right side of the main menu. And if you click on any of those options, you'll be directed to the page that contains more details about the option. When you are done with the main menu and you want it to go away, just locate the place you clicked to reveal it. It'll now have changed into an "X'. Just click it and the main menu will disappear revealing the page you were on initially. It is not complex at all if that's what you are thinking. It's just different and a trend that's starting to pick up on most high-quality websites like this one. Most surgical based or medical based website you are likely to visit today will have this kind of menu. Nonetheless, at the bottom of each web page, you'll find the conventional menu; even so, the other one will always be accessible at the top right corner of the webpage, regardless of where you are on the page.

Apart from the main menu which may be a bit unconventional to some, the general arrangement of the website is neat. The logo of the company is a beautiful one. In a way it symbioses a group of people who have come together as one to achieve a common goal. The website has a professional mood. You'll realize this from the font used on the site as well as the colors used. The main distinct color is blue, but other colors have also been introduced to make the site more colorful. You'll notice these colors at the bottom of the banners used on each web page and on the main menu that's revealed after you click the three bars main menu.

The web pages on the site contain brief content. Just what you need to know. I like that about the website. SFENTA treats a lot of ear, nose, and throat related conditions. And there are a lot of conditions related to these parts of the body. Only providing the information needed for each condition is the best way to go because then an interested party will be able to go through the various conditions they are interested in. If the site provided too much content, it would be exhausting to go through two or three conditions.

Consider the main menu for the various things that may interest you, like the conditions the practice deals with, what treatments are involved, and diagnostic services.


The website loads pretty fast. It contains various images, but they don't in any way, manner, or form interfere with its performance. It has a sophisticated main menu, which works just fine provided it is located. The website is responsive, which means you should have a positive user experience regardless of the screen size of the device you use to access it.

Business address

South Florida ENT Associates
8181 NW 154th Street, Suite 200,
Miami Lakes,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-305-558-3724