Otolaryngologist South Florida is a comprehensive ENT practice operating in Miami and Boca Raton. It provides an array of services in diverse fields such as ear balance testing, ear hygiene and wax removal, outer and middle ear surgery, repair of eardrum perforation, and surgical treatment of chronic ear infections. The business has a dedicated clinical team, along with specialist providers, ensuring patients receive expert medical attention.

Notably, in addition to basic ear services, Otolaryngologist South Florida deals with several conditions such as ear infections, dizziness, tumors of the ear, and complicated ear disorders. This provision makes it a one-stop center for the majority of ENT conditions.

Moreover, the practice provides audiology services such as hearing testing, hearing aids programming and maintenance, and surgeries to repair hearing. For patients in need of hearing aids, they offer several types of implantable hearing devices like the Maxum Middle Ear Implant, Osia Implant, and BAHA Implant.

Additionally, Otolaryngologist South Florida also offers services in allergy care. Allergy treatment options include allergy testing, allergy shots, allergy drops, biologic therapy, and food allergy testing. This comprehensive allergy care is an added benefit to patients suffering from ENT-related allergies.

Regarding logistical processes, the practice has made considerable efforts to improve accessibility for patients. They have a patient portal for seamless communication, an option to pay online, and have made provision for appointment rescheduling or cancelation.

In terms of career seekers in the medical field, Otolaryngologist South Florida provides numerous career opportunities. Furthermore, they take educating their patients and the general public seriously, as evidence in their regular blog posts and audio blog.

Finally, the business accepts various insurance plans and payments, providing flexibility and decreasing financial burdens for patients. Overall, Otolaryngologist South Florida offers a wide scope of specialized services catering to numerous ENT conditions, thus making it an all-inclusive ENT healthcare provider in Miami and Boca Raton.

Business address

South Florida ENT Associates
8181 NW 154th Street, Suite 200,
Miami Lakes,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-305-558-3724