World Laparoscopy Hospital is a specialised institution with a focus on providing treatment and training in laparoscopic procedures. With institutes situated in India, Dubai and the USA, the hospital offers an array of laparoscopic courses to budding professionals, presenting the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge in this field. These programs include Integrated F.MAS+D.MAS in India, Laparoscopic F.MAS in the USA and UAE, and a Ph.D. in Laparoscopic Surgery, amongst others.

In addition to its training programs, World Laparoscopy Hospital also offers research opportunities. Notable amongst these is the Fellowship in Robotic Surgery, a course aimed at medical professionals looking to deepen their knowledge in this innovative field. Similarly, the hospital offers a Fellowship in GI Endoscopy, further diversifying the training opportunities available.

The World Laparoscopy Hospital maintains a transparent admission process, providing comprehensive information about its Doctor's Hostel, payment methods, availability of seats, and course timetable. The hospital also organises a Scholarship exam, thus making its training programs accessible to deserving candidates.

Aside from its comprehensive training and research opportunities, World Laparoscopy Hospital also treats patients needing laparoscopic surgery. Its specialties include General Laparoscopy, Gynae Laparoscopy, Uro Laparoscopy, Robotic Surgery, and Bariatric Surgery. It provides a platform for patients to find a suitable doctor and make online appointments making healthcare services easily accessible.

The hospital prioritises patient communication, providing a platform for patients to give their feedback and answer FAQs. It also has robust support services like a WLH Support Center, Live Surgery Webcast and WLH Campus Store. In addition, they have developed a mobile application for easy access to their services.

In keeping with its commitment to society, the World Laparoscopy Hospital offers free surgery for the poor, in line with their ambition to make healthcare accessible to all. Free medical and legal advice is also made available.

World Laparoscopy Hospital make efforts to foster a community amongst their alumni, with spaces for discussion, news, and task analysis. They also celebrate the achievements of their students, with a dedicated space for highlighting batch toppers.

In conclusion, World Laparoscopy Hospital provides a holistic approach to laparoscopic surgery, offering a range of training programs, research opportunities, and medical services. Their commitment to access for all, their focus on community, and their robust support services distinguish them as a premiere institution in the field of laparoscopic surgery.