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Procedures and Therapies Web Directory

Procedures and therapies are another area affecting health & fitness. A medical procedure is an action or course of actions taken to effect a change in a physical or mental ailment or illness. The end result is improvement and care of the person and their problem. Many procedures are designed to diagnose or test for particular illnesses, or they can be geared toward treatment. This can include surgical procedures such as biopsies, blood draws, or corrections. Rehabilitation is also included in this category.

Medical procedures can be a series of specific steps taken to improve health. It can be the actual steps that are taken to effect a result. It can also be an activity that has the goal of improving the health of an individual, treating their disease, treating an injury, or making a diagnosis. Some familiar medical procedures are electrocardiography, colonoscopy, medical imaging, radiography, and ultrasonography.

Therapies are courses of action that are determined following a diagnosis. They attempt to bring about beneficial improvement, normalcy, or a cure for the ailment through therapeutic intervention. Some therapies may bring about an adverse effect, or side effect that is undesirable, such as weight gain. Some of these adverse effects may also be irreversible. But, in general, therapies are beneficial to the individual and do result in improvement. Examples include speech therapy, physical therapy, vaccines, radiation therapy, hydrotherapy, gene therapy, and psychotherapy.

According to the illness, there are different procedures and therapies that are used in order to improve the health status of a person. For instance, in the possibility of cancer, there is used a certain number of cytostatics sessions (chemotherapy, or simply "chemo") in order to destroy the cancerous cells that affect parts of the body such as internal organs or the skin. As stated before, there is a therapy or a combination of procedures that aim to treat every disease, if not completely at least partially and so the health is maintaining at the same level.

In order for a doctor to follow a therapy, there has to be a clear diagnosis established before starting the therapy in order for it to be effective. It is vital for patients to have the right diagnose because this has an influence upon future therapies or procedures, which can be either good or extremely bad and even lead to death in some cases. Depending on the number of sessions and the intensity of the treatment given to a patient, there can occur several side effects such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, hair loss or loss of appetite.

Therapies are classified according to their usage, therefore we have therapies categorized by energy, by the human interaction or by the problem that they deal with. Precise, accurate and relevant information regarding therapies and procedures are hard to find and this is why a web directory is very useful whether you want to follow a therapy in order to improve your health or you just want to get better informed regarding this topic.

There are many more types of therapies, and if needed, a web directory search will point them out to an interested individual. Procedures and therapies are part of modern and ancient medicine alike. A major difference is that today's therapies are more measurable and the effects can bring faster results. Health & fitness maintenance will at times require the use of various medical procedures and therapies.