The Family Center for Recovery (FCFR) is a recognized Residential Treatment Center noteworthy for its comprehensive approach towards mental health treatments and addiction recovery. Located on Seacrest Boulevard in Lantana, Florida, it offers several programs addressing a myriad of mental health disorders thus asserting its commitment to consolidate wellness through dedicated support for the individuals and families they serve.

FCFR fosters a robust collection of services to its residential treatments, aiming to offer tailored help that can handle a diverse range of patients. The center has established targeted programs such as the Adolescent Program (13-17), Adult Treatment Program, Pregnant Women's programs, and services for the LGBTQA+ population, demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity and sensitivity towards the needs of varying demographics. To further its value proposition, they also host a specialized family weekend program and an alumni program envisaging sustained support and recovery maintenance.

In an endeavor to provide comprehensive care, FCFR has treatment levels ranging from Medical Detox to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Their treatments cater to mental health disorders and substance use issues, offering a diverse set of options for patients based on their unique health requirements and recovery progression. As a testament to the flexibility of their service, they offer day/night treatments and outpatient programs as alternatives to their standard residential treatment.

To ensure they provide accessible treatment, FCFR facilitates a seamless admissions process, keen to admit patients in need regardless of financial constraints. In-depth insurance checks, acceptance of most insurance plans, as well as the provision for private pay, ensure patients would not be hindered from accessing needed help due to financial challenges.

Evidently, education, and continuous learning forms an essential part of FCFR's mission. They run an Education and Medical Internship Program and offer numerous career opportunities within the organization. In effect, they build not just a treatment center, but a hub that fosters learning and career progression.

Trustworthiness stands as a cornerstone of the FCFR, reflected in the accreditation it has secured. Ensuring stringent infection controls as per the Joint Commission year round, they currently follow the CDC protocols and guidelines to protect against COVID-19. This display of dedication to safety further consolidates their position as an earnest provider of mental healthcare.

In essence, the Family Center for Recovery presents a compassionate approach to mental health treatment and addiction recovery. Through their robust programs, proven track record, and strategic actions responding to the current health landscape, they emerge as a pioneering figure in the realm of mental health treatment centers.

Business address

Family Center for Recovery
7051 North Seacrest Boulevard,
United States

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Phone: 8552024220