Coast Mental Health is a reputable organization dedicated to empowering those living with mental illness by providing support in three essential domains of recovery: Housing, Employment and Education, and Support Services. The organization has been operational for 50 years, maintaining its resolve to draw strength from compassion and courage the path to recovery.

The team at Coast Mental Health is committed to providing essential housing support services, promoting a supportive environment for individuals facing mental health challenges. They believe in creating safe spaces for those in need, offering support to alleviate their circumstances. The organization believes that stable housing is a important step towards attaining overall mental health and wellness.

Secondly, Coast Mental Health also emphasizes employment and education as another pillar in their approach to recovery. They have numerous stories of individuals who have benefited from their initiatives such as Kevin or Matt. Believing in the dignity of work and the transformative power of education, Coast Mental Health devises strategies to enable the mentally ill to reintegrate into society and lead a fulfilling life.

Furthermore, Support Services form the third dimension of their approach, offering necessary help during crisis situations. Illustrating this ongoing support, the organization shares stories of individuals like Wing who have benefited from their support services.

The Courage To Come Back Awards is one of their notable events, an initiative that celebrates those British Columbians who have overcome illness or adversity to make a difference in their communities. The first physical gathering since the onset of the pandemic, held on June 9th, 2023, witnessed an overwhelming response of 1,700 people, raising over $2.7 million for mental health.

Coast Mental Health recognizes the impact of community support in their efforts, as demonstrated by the generous donations during the Courage To Come Back Awards. This organization offers various opportunities to get involved, including monthly giving, events and fundraisers, and corporate giving. Additionally, they also provide options for legacy giving and gifting securities.

With 50 years of making a difference, Coast Mental Health's initiatives and efforts uphold their mission and vision while offering value to the community. The transparency in reporting their impact is evident from their annual report, making them a reliable partner in advocating mental health. The organization opens avenues to join their team or volunteer, thereby promoting active participation in their cause.