Michigan Hair Restoration, led by Dr. Mark Berkowitz, is a specialist provider of hair restoration solutions in Michigan. Their services cater to both men and women suffering from hair loss, offering a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical treatments that seek to restore thinning or balding hair. Michigan Hair Restoration's service portfolio includes solutions such as NeoGraft, ALMI, and regenerative PRP treatments, which represent some of the most advanced techniques currently available in the realm of hair restoration.

Dr. Mark Berkowitz, helming the establishment, is a reputed hair restoration specialist in Michigan with many years of experience and thousands of procedures under his belt. Highly acclaimed in his field of work, Dr. Berkowitz and his skilled staff are dedicated to helping patients experiencing hair loss regain their confidence and vitality.

In addition to the above, Michigan Hair Restoration also offers Laser Hair Caps and Formula 82M as part of their non-surgical treatment options, which underscore the depth and vast array of alternatives available to prospective patients, depending on their specific needs and preferences. Offering solutions such as Exosome Treatments by Benev and Nutrafol Hair Wellness, the business caters to a wide spectrum of hair restoration and wellness needs.

Their range of treatments extends past hair restoration, with laser hair removal also available for those looking for this particular service. Comprehensive and personalized hair loss treatments such as Body Hair Transplants, Eyebrow Transplants, and Beard Transplants are also offered, catering to a variety of hair-related needs.

Moreover, Michigan Hair Restoration also offers an array of specialist treatments targeted specifically for men and women. Hair loss prevention is another vital part of their comprehensive service offering.

Patients can also view and appreciate results from previous procedures performed by Dr. Berkowitz in the gallery section on their website.

The clinics are located in Sterling Heights and West Bloomfield making the hair restoration services conveniently accessible to the local population. Besides, the firm offers around-the-clock contact, underlining their dedication to customer service and serving as a testament to the reliability and accessibility of their services.

In conclusion, Michigan Hair Restoration is a comprehensive hair restoration and ancillary services provider, helmed by experienced professionals, with a particular commitment to helping their clients restore confidence and vibrancy through proven, effective hair restoration techniques. Their wide array of treatments and services cater to a diverse range of patient needs, promising personalized, results-driven hair restoration solutions.

Business address

Michigan Hair Restoration
44650 Delco Blvd.,
Sterling Heights,
United States