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Men are humans of the male gender, and quite frequently they are very interested in health & fitness. This may be related to prehistoric needs to provide and conquer, but in modern times is may be speculatively related to a desire to live longer and better lives. Men have different physical attributes than women, in particular relating to the sexual differences, and increased size in weight, height, and mass.

Men have been the gathers, and hunters of the past ages. They have taken on leadership roles in society, and even today in some countries, men are the only gender that can hold office or vote. They are the ones who determine the sex of a child at conception, and their viable sperm must be present to create life. Statistics show that although more male children are conceived, fewer are born and their lifespan is slightly less than that of women. They may suffer more illnesses, but this could be due to less medical care than women avail themselves of, and they may take on more risky behaviors and work.

Characteristically, men have been described as strong, athletic, family providers, sexually aggressive, not emotional, logical, intelligent, practical, leaders, and success oriented. These, however, are stereotypes and have not been scientifically proven. There seems to be some educational advantage to men in the area of mathematics, where women excel in verbal skills. Some positions are restricted to men, such as King and Pope, but women are making inroads into previously male careers.

When talking about men health, they should know have to be careful with their health as well as women. A well balanced diet along with physical exercise help maintaining a beautiful and healthy body and it is proved that people who practice sport for at least 30 minutes per day are safer from diseases such as lung cancer than the ones that smoke and neglect their bodies. In the top 3 diseases that occur to men we find prostate cancer or heart diseases, but most of them are caused by the bad habits such as smoking or drinking.

It is essential for the men health to early detect and treat any disease that can become fatal if not diagnosed in its incipient stages. One of the biggest mistakes that men tend to do when it comes to the men health is that they are sure they cannot be so fortuneless to be suffering from any serious condition and so they often neglect themselves. Monthly check ups of certain body parts have to be part of any men`s life in order to see if everything is fine and no chances occur. Along with the check ups, blood and urine tests are recommended at least once a year in order to see if there are any problems with cholesterol, which although small, it is another problem when it comes to men health.

Online you can find guides or tutorials that can teach you how to examine your testicles in order to detect any change in shape or size of your testicles and so  if it is cancer, you can be able to treat it efficiently in its early stages without putting your life at risk. Web directories can provide you answers to any of your questions regarding men health, as well as offer you useful links.

Modern times are seeing new research into men's problems and diseases, and gender issues such as homosexuality. Certain types of cancer are specific to men, such as prostate and testicular cancer. A web directory search under the category "men" leads to many subjects relating to male lifestyles and traits.