Life is Beautiful. See it Clearly! That's the first thing you'll read when you visit the Benjamin Eye Institute website. I love it. The Benjamin Eye Institute is an eye care center in LA (Los Angeles). It is an institute that's in a class of its own. Patients go there for definitive diagnoses, comfortable exams, and to receive some of the most advanced eye treatments available in this century. The main surgeons at the institute, Dr. Arthur Benjamin, and Dr. Pamela Golchet are specialists in laser vision correction, retina services, and provide unrivaled cataract surgery. The Benjamin Eye Institute website is an online place where the practice gives the world a sneak preview of what it has to offer. Here is my report about what you should expect from it.

The User Interface

The overall appearance of the website is in a word; beautiful. The shade of blue used on the website is bright and inviting. The font used exudes professionalism. The general arrangement of the website is neat and flows nicely. It just makes you keep scrolling as you anticipate more and more and more. The photos used on the website are super clear.

The website deals with eye treatment and the photos are clear enough to let you see just how healthy the eyes of the persons on those photos are. The main menu of the website (found at the top of each web page) has quite a lot of items. I think that is the main menu with the most items I've ever seen on a website. It's so long that the website's designer had to reduce the font of the text to make all the menu items fit. And this is not a design flaw, it's just that the practice has so much to offer the world and it had to make sure everything was accessible.

A page like the "About" page has sections that zoom in when you hover your mouse arrow over them. That's really cool and it gives you a nice user experience. It's things like this that you won't find on conventional websites. It just tells you that these are professionals you are dealing with because they looked for web designers and developers who would ensure that the professionalism of the institute is reflected on the website. It's not that I know Dr. Benjamin but considering that the "About" page indicates that he has a "warm demeanor", I think it's possible he had something to do with the way the website was designed. The mood of the website is kind of warm and inviting. In a way it makes you feel like being one of the people behind the practice; perhaps the stuff, because studying to be a surgeon will take a while, and I don't think I'm willing to go that far. I'm happy as a writer.


The website lists several services provided by the practice. The one thing I really appreciate with the website is that it is thorough; as in, the chances that you will go to the website looking for an answer about your eyes and come out still wondering are extremely low. The eyes are just two identical parts in our faces, but from all the information you'll find on this site about them, you will see just how significant they are. The services offered by the practice are essentially the main menu items, apart from, Home, About, Resources, and Contact. All the other menu items are the services you are likely to receive from the practice:

Eye Health



Lens Replacement


Optical Boutique

General Eye Care

And most of the above items have submenus which when clicked will reveal more information about the respective services and subjects.


The website has quite a lot of content but the arrangement of the content has made it seem like it doesn't; you won't even notice it. The pages of the website load really fast considering the number of images on the site as well as the cool animations on some of the images when you hover over them. The website is also fully responsive, which means regardless of the size of the screen of the device you use to view it, you will still have a good experience exploring it.

The Benjamin Eye Institute website is excellent! Anyone exploring it should have an adventure of a lifetime and come from it informed and educated.

Business address

Benjamin Eye Institute
9201 West Sunset Boulevard Suite 709,
West Hollywood,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-310-507-7988