Total Testing Solutions is a Los Angeles-based healthcare company that offers a range of testing services and telehealth solutions. One of their key services is COVID-19 testing, which is of particular importance during the current pandemic. Clients can book on-demand virtual care and consultations through a contact number provided on their platform - (323) 238-3324.

In addition, Total Testing Solutions also provides STD testing, infectious disease testing, and drug testing. These services can be availed in-clinic and are aimed at ensuring the comprehensive health of the client is addressed. For individuals looking to travel or needing specific vaccinations, Total Testing Solutions assists by offering vaccination services.

Moreover, the company also caters to at-home services and telehealth services, offering a streamlined healthcare experience for clients who may prefer or require at-home medical attention. They offer virtual urgent care, further enhancing accessibility to immediate care without necessitating a visit to the clinic.

Diverse testing needs of businesses are also met by Total Testing Solutions. Their business services encompass telehealth on-demand, software services, and occupational health services. This broad spectrum of corporate solutions demonstrates the company's versatility in meeting both individual and organizational healthcare requirements.

As part of their on-demand services, Total Testing Solutions also provides the option for clients to engage in telehealth consultations. They also offer services for 'test to treat' scenarios, including birth control and emergency contraception.

Furthermore, Total Testing Solutions is committed to the accessibility of its services. This is evident in their provisions for in-clinic concierge services and telehealth tests. They ensure that their service delivery is not only speedy but also trustworthy, making them a reliable provider of medical testing in Los Angeles.

On the backend, Total Testing Solutions is structured through numerous TTS partnerships. They have robust insurance and financing options, which can ease the financial burden of medical testing for their clients. The company also continues to foster growth by offering careers and regularly updating a blog on their platform. They maintain transparent communication with their clients through their newsletter and press releases.

Total Testing Solutions, therefore, provides an extensive range of healthcare services to individuals and businesses. The company's commitment to quick, reliable testing and telehealth services underscores its dedication to improving the overall health landscape of Los Angeles.

Business address

Total Testing Solutions
1724 Pennsylvania Ave,
Los Angeles,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (323) 238-3324