A Beverly Hills Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Leslie Stevens, M.D., FACS, is one of the best plastic surgeons in California. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, his extensive knowledge and experience have helped transform the lives of many in California and its environs. He has a website dedicated to his practice. In this review, I am going to let you know what you should expect from it. Here we go!

The User Interface

Dr. Steven's website (https://www.drlesliestevens.com/) is a special website. The features you'll find on the website are not ones you'll come across easily on other websites. First of all, while the home page of the website is loading, you'll see the elements of the page flowing into it in nice and smooth transitions. Most web pages just load and stuff just show up. But not with this one.

In fact, once the page has finished loading and you start scrolling to explore it, the elements of the web page will just be fading in and out as you scroll. It's like they know that you have reached them and so they smoothly fade into the page to reveal themselves to you. Some of them will even tease you. For instance, on the home page, toward the bottom of the page, when you get to the section where it says "Non-Surgical', no sooner will you get there than you'll notice a beautiful lady in red, who when you scroll the page to get a clear view, just fades out to the right of the page and all that's left is the section with a dark background and text. It is a feature you'll rarely come across anywhere else online.

The website is well arranged and divided into sections. Each of the sections introduces a new aspect of the website. it's like they are giving little introductions of the things you are going to find on the other web pages of the website. Oh! I haven't said anything about the main menu or main navigation of the website. However, I did indicate that the site is special. This is one of the reasons why.

You see, it is conventional for most websites to have the main menu as a horizontal bar at the top of the page, with the different links to the pages on the site that you can visit. This is not true of this website. The main menu on this website is located at the top right of the site. To identify it is easy because there is an icon at the top right of the site that looks like three horizontal bars, with the word "Menu" immediately on its left. If you click on that icon, the main menu will be revealed. In this case, it occupies the entire screen and is divided into two. To the left of the main menu are the assorted menu items.

Most of the items on it have a small arrowhead pointing to the right of the page. When you click on the items with the arrowheads, more items under that category will be revealed on the right side. Feel free to explore the main menu as you please because there is much to discover from there. To return to the home page, the same place you clicked to reveal the main menu is where you'll have to go back to. Notice that now the icon changed into an "X'. Just click the "X" and the home page will be revealed.

On the off chance, you are curious about the kinds of services you are likely to receive from Dr. Stevens, don't stress yourself much. The services he provides have been provided as part of the main menu items. Just look for what you need and explore to learn all that there is to know about it as far as the website is concerned.

The color scheme of the website contains a few shades of grey, the color white, and a touch of blue. They all contrast well together. I love the font used on the website. It says professionalism. The website has made excellent use of images to reinforce the content displayed on it. The "Before and After" images are used as evidence and samples of what you should expect from Dr. Stevens. You should check them out for yourself to know what to expect. Actually, going through this website made me feel like I'm going through an expensive magazine. The super clear photos of beautiful people and the overall arrangement of the site give me that feeling. Also, the concept of things flying in and out and moving about as one navigates the site is really amazing.


The pages of the website load fast regardless of the animations and many pictures present on it. The site is also responsive, which is a guarantee that all users will have a good experience on the site regardless of the screen size of the device being used to access it.

Dr. Stevens" website is classy, beautiful, functional, and has a good performance. Once you determine where the main menu is, you should have a blast exploring.

Business address

Leslie H. Stevens, MD, FACS
201 S. Lasky Dr.,
Beverly Hills,
United States