McGonigle Dental Associates, located in Tinley Park, IL, is a five-star-rated dental healthcare provider. The business offers a wide range of dental services and treatments including general and cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign treatments, dental implants, and wisdom teeth extractions. Additionally, they provide IV sedation for certain procedures and cater to the needs of both new and existing patients.

Among their offerings, they run a special on Zoom teeth whitening, with a $100 discount, as well as a Whitening for Life offering for an additional $50. With the latter, patients receive custom trays and bleach. Taking up these services requires proof of a teeth cleaning in the past three to six months.

McGonigle Dental Associates prides itself on its commitment to patient care. They strive to foster an understanding of each patient's dental goals and provide them with the necessary support for achieving them. This approach extends beyond the mere provision of diverse dental services and includes working to make experiences more convenient for patients. It underscores the office's dedication to enhancing the patient experience.

The team is also committed to value, working to offer multiple services under one roof, which ensures patients can get the most out of each of their visits. This is part of the larger desire to deliver outstanding patient experiences that surpass expectations.

At McGonigle Dental Associates, the goal is to redefine expectations from a family dentist by delivering a high-quality service. The team's broad dental knowledge and understanding gives existing patients and newcomers a fresh experience with each visit.

Verdict: McGonigle Dental Associates is a comprehensive dental service provider that believes in constantly improving the patient's dental experience through professional advice, superior dental services, and admirable customer care. Options like the Whitening for Life add extra value to their services and show a deep commitment to nurturing lasting relationships with patients. Indeed, McGonigle Dental Associates are redefining what one can expect from a family dentist.

Business address

McGonigle Dental Associates 
17519 80th Ave,
Tinley Park,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (708) 429-1717