Lakeshore Dental Specialists is a prominent dental practice located in Eastpointe, Michigan. This dental facility offers a broad range of services from general dentistry to specialized treatments. They extend an array of implant dental services including All-on-4 and Zygomatic Dental Implants, providing several treatments for missing teeth. Besides implant dentistry, Lakeshore Dental Specialists cater to periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry needs as well.

Periodontal health is paid due attention with their non-surgical and surgical treatments. Moreover, Lakeshore Dental Specialists provide periodontitis laser dentistry, treating gum recession, undertaking procedures like frenectomy and gingivectomy, and maintaining overall gum health. The dental facility offers advanced procedures for optimal oral health, such as crown lengthening and bone regeneration treatments, as well as dental hygiene services.

In addition to these, Lakeshore Dental Specialists also offer an extensive selection of oral surgeries including extractions, wisdom teeth removal, oral pathology, socket grafting, and orthognathic surgery. The dental facility tackles issues related to impacted teeth with expertise, and promotes oral care with specially designed StellaLife products.

Their endodontics services encompass root canal therapy and periapical surgery, providing aid for traumatic dental injuries. To prevent injuries during sports or other physical activities, Lakeshore Dental Specialists supply occlusal mouthguards. The dental facility also takes up dental emergency cases, ensuring quick response and efficient treatment.

Lakeshore Dental Specialists is backed by a team of proficient doctors including Dr. Whitney D. Weiner, Dr. Adam Fisher, Dr. Laxmi Sukhtankar, and Dr. David Karwacki. The team is evidently dedicated to providing exceptional oral health care. To amplify patient satisfaction, Lakeshore Dental Specialists claims to adhere to the necessary safety measures and offers accessibility services. Furthermore, the dental facility hosts a blog imparting valuable insights and maintains involvement with referring doctors through their referral forms and a 3D Study Club.

Overall, Lakeshore Dental Specialists is a comprehensive dental practice that provides a multitude of oral health services to the patients in and around Detroit. Their extensive range of treatments and commitment towards patient safety make them a notable dental facility in the region. However, this review does not detail the specific accessibility services offered and the effectiveness of the safety measures undertaken by the practice. Future patients are encouraged to seek further details if these factors are important to their health needs.

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Lakeshore Dental Implant Specialists
18501 E 8 Mile Rd,
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Phone: (586) 777-0260