The Skin and Cancer Institute is a renowned dermatology provider with over 50 offices across California, Arizona, and Nevada. They offer an extensive range of medical, skin cancer care, and cosmetic services, priding themselves on world-class dermatological care that is tailored to meet the distinct requirements of each patient. Their stated commitment is to facilitate life-saving treatments and strive to extend the utmost level of care available.

One of the key pillars of the Skin and Cancer Institute's services is medical dermatology. This includes treatments for various skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Skin Cysts and Tags, Psoriasis, and Lipomas among others. The variety of conditions they treat underlines the breadth of their medical expertise and their commitment to addressing a wide array of dermatological issues.

In addition to this, the Skin and Cancer Institute offers cosmetic procedures in their portfolio of services. While specific cosmetic procedures are not detailed in the given text, one can infer that given their exhibition as a separate service category, they likely offer an array of treatments which are designed to enhance skin appearance and treat aesthetic concerns.

The institute runs a physician-owned dispensary, a service that highlights their end-to-end care model. Such a service demonstrates the institute's capability to provide not just diagnostic and therapeutic services but also the requisite medications that patients may need for treatment.

Moreover, the practice offers virtual dermatology services, perhaps in response to the growing need for telemedicine services in the modern healthcare context. These Telederm services could potentially facilitate greater accessibility and convenience for patients, by enabling them to consult with their healthcare providers remotely.

Their commitment to providing accessible dermatological care is further exhibited in their operational scale, with more than 50 locations across three states. For prospective patients, this geographic spread likely introduces a degree of convenience in terms of accessing their services. In conclusion, the Skin and Cancer Institute presents as a comprehensive and accessible dermatology practice with a wide-ranging expertise. Their extensive variety of medical and cosmetic services, combined with their dispensary offerings and virtual dermatology services, paints a picture of a institute truly focused on broad-spectrum patient care.