Avante Medical Surgical, previously known as DRE, is a medical supply company offering a range of new and used medical equipment. They have created a new website to provide better customer service and simplified purchasing experience.

The company extends its services not only in the supply of medical equipment but also medical supplies. For equipment, Avante provides anesthesia machines, patient monitoring devices, surgical lighting facilities, electrosurgical units, respiratory ventilators, surgical tables, procedure tables, exam tables, surgical microscopes, and fluoroscopy tools, among others. Their inventory ensures to cover the extensive needs of a medical establishment, covering everything from operating rooms to doctors' offices.

The company also stocks a wide range of medical supplies. This includes anesthesia supplies, patient monitor supplies, surgical instruments, surgical instrument sets, and electrosurgical accessories. This makes Avante a comprehensive source for a variety of medical supplies, ensuring they can provide for a wide-ranging set of clinical requirements.

One special feature of their service is the availability of equipment and supplies for various medical specialties. Avante provides equipment for operating rooms, radiology and ultrasound departments, plastic surgery facilities, oral surgery centers, obstetric and gynecological equipment, medical simulation equipment, EMT and EMS equipment, and general office equipment for doctors - covering a wide spectrum of medical fields.

Avante also serves as a learning resource, providing visitors with a medical equipment video library that showcases the various uses, benefits, and operation methods of the equipment they offer. This added offering provides a helpful guide for potential buyers and serves as a learning resource for the medical community.

Finally, Avante Medical takes pride in offering multiple language supports, English and Spanish, making their products and services accessible to a diverse range of customers. Their contact information is also clearly listed, including a phone number and an online quote request system.

In conclusion, Avante Medical Surgical is a reliable provider of a wide range of medical equipment and supplies. With their extensive inventory, focus on various medical specialties, and support resources, they are able to meet the needs of diverse medical practices. Their services are backed by a user-friendly website, multilingual support, and a clear communication system for easy correspondence.

Business address

DRE Medical Equipment
1800 Williamson Court,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 18004628195