APIAHF is a health-focused organization aimed at providing equitable healthcare access to diverse communities. They work toward achieving universal coverage and have been integral in the application of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. Besides, they actively contribute to reaching health equity via measures such as the Health Equity and Accountability Act.

Conducting an extensive range of initiatives, APIAHF supports a variety of programs such as the APIAHF Accelerator Lab, and the Health Rising Leadership Institute. They also recognize individuals making significant strides in the field through their Health Rising Fellows program. Additionally, they participate in the All of Us Research Program providing expertise in policy analysis and capacity building.

Over its 35 years of leadership, advocacy, and movement building, APIAHF has served as a leading voice for over 25 million AAs and NHPIs in the U.S., working with over 150 community organizations in all states and territories. Remarkably, they have assisted nearly 1,000,000 AAs and NHPIs in enrollment into the ACA.

APIAHF has also extended its services during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing culturally and linguistically accessible resources for AA and NH/PI communities. Moreover, they continually welcome new board members to contribute to their cause and also encourage public involvement through various means such as email sign-ups and donations.

This organization also stays updated on current societal issues, as demonstrated by their focus on the top concerns for Gen Z voters of color: the economy, racial justice, and abortion access. Thus, APIAHF operates as a comprehensive entity, addressing not just health care but also other intersecting areas critical to the AA and NH/PI communities.