Lakeview Hospital, a part of LCMC Health, offers a comprehensive range of medical services and facilities. The hospital's key services range from acute care, behavioral health, disease diagnostics, emergency care, and imaging services to various specialized services like stroke care, surgical care, spine care, and weight loss surgery.

To provide continuity of care, Lakeview Hospital employs various therapeutic services including occupational therapy, orthopedic care, pediatric care, physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and speech therapy. They also house dedicated departments for certain conditions related to the brain and nervous system, heart and vascular care, and women and infant care.

To tackle the unique health needs of women, Lakeview Hospital provides specialized women and infant care that covers a wide spectrum of services. They also run a dedicated weight loss surgery department catering specifically to patients requiring surgical intervention for weight loss and management.

In addition to their capacity for physical care, the hospital also considers patients' mental health, offering dedicated behavioral health services. They provide essential emergency care facilities for immediate medical attention and have robust disease diagnostic capabilities.

Lakeview Hospital values the importance of preventative and primary care, providing primary care services to ensure patients maintain their health by receiving appropriate screenings and check-ups. If needed, specialized care is available as the hospital houses a wide variety of specialized physicians.

The Lakeview Regional Physician Group operates from multiple locations for the convenience of patients, broadening the hospital's service area. These include locations such as Bay St. Louis, Bogalusa, Hammond, Slidell Cardiology Office, Lakeview Circle, Lacombe Specialty Services, Lacombe, and Lakeview Campus. The hospital also operates a primary care clinic in Covington under LCMC Health Primary Care.

The hospital is also proactive about transparency, as it gives patients access to their medical records, a feature that allows patients to keep track of their medical history. It provides an estimate of potential payments, hence giving a better idea to the people about their plausible medical expenses.

In response to the current health crisis, they have implemented visiting hours and hours of operation changes adhering to COVID-19 precautions. They have also established a range of COVID-19 resources and have taken steps towards offering virtual care to patients.

Lakeview Hospital provides patients with several financial resources, including accepted insurance plans, pre-registration, and payment estimates. They also offer a patient financial legal health education feature, providing financial planning resources for their patients.

The hospital engages its staff and patients by hosting classes and events, and values their employees by acknowledging their services with The BEE Award and The DAISY Award.

Overall, Lakeview Hospital emphasizes comprehensive care for its patients by offering a wide range of services, emphasizing preventative care, and prioritizing patient engagement and education. They cater to a large population in the regional area with multiple primary care facilities.

Business address

Lakeview Regional Medical Center
95 Judge Tanner Blvd.,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 985-867-3800