The Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore is a government organisation, established in 2001 with the primary intent of promoting healthy living among the country's citizens.

HPB operates with a strong commitment to bring health to businesses, community, and schools. They offer various tools and schemes to help companies and organizations create a health-promoting environment. This includes the Workplace Outreach Wellness Programme and other initiatives that contribute to a healthy ecosystem within the workplace.

In addition to the focus on the corporate environment, HPB also shows an active involvement in the community. They run initiatives and partner with local entities to establish a health-promoting scenario for all Singaporeans. Further scope for partnering and collaboration is evident from their proactive approach and dedication to the cause.

HPB extends their services to educational institutions as well. They cooperate with schools to create health-promoting environments, which allow students to play, learn, and grow in a healthy setting. They back this with the Student Health Centre, Student Dental Centre, Healthy Meals in Schools Programme, and Parent Hub, reflective of their comprehensive approach to in-school health promotion.

The most prominent theme that resurfaces across all HPB's initiatives is the promotion of an active lifestyle. The organization runs a variety of programmes encouraging physical activity and overall well-being. Their efforts cater to a range of demographic, thus ensuring a broad-based impact in society.

The official HPB corporate website serves as a hub for accessing all of these resources. It presents a user-friendly interface with options to adjust font size and a mobile search bar. This accommodates the needs of various users and facilitates smooth navigation through the site. Along with general information about HPB, the website also provides feedback and FAQ sections, further enhancing its functionality as a resource.

Overall, the Health Promotion Board, Singapore is an organization that plays a key role in the country's health sector. Their concerted efforts in workplaces, communities, and schools showcase their holistic approach to promoting healthy living in Singapore.