General and Medical Private Healthcare is a health insurance provider offering a range of medical coverage and services for both personal and business needs. Their broad selection of healthcare products allows existing and potential customers to tailor their health insurance coverage to their specific requirements.

They provide both in-patient and out-patient cover alongside other prominent types of coverage such as cancer cover. This ensures a wide array of medical conditions and procedures are taken care of under their health insurance plans. They also highlight attention to specialty areas like mental health, offering in-patient mental health services within their health insurance packages.

In addition to medical cover, General and Medical Private Healthcare integrates lifestyle benefits into their health insurance products. These include lifestyle rewards and the 24-hour GP advice line, assisting individuals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing immediate medical guidance when necessary.

Another feature of their insurance policies is the NHS Cash Benefit, which arms policyholders with an essential financial cushion if they have to spend time in an NHS hospital. Additional services include coverage for hospital parking charges, which can be a beneficial feature for clients who may require frequent hospital visits.

For traveling customers, they offer Multi-Trip Travel Insurance - ensuring medical coverage is provided even outside the country. They also provide health cover specially tailored for the Channel Islands, acknowledging the unique healthcare needs of these regions.

The company provides a variety of options to customize medical insurance policies per a client's requirements and budget, including choices on hospital preferences and excess amounts. Furthermore, it addresses concerns linked to pre-existing conditions in their policies.

General and Medical Private Healthcare also extends its scope to the business sector, catering to companies needing health insurance for employees.

Finally, they offer incentives that encourage customer loyalty, such as discounts on health assessments and gym memberships, special offers, rewards, and referral bonuses. They also have a provision for free child cover, extending their services to cater to family health needs.

Verdict: General and Medical Private Healthcare offers comprehensive health insurance products that can be customized to meet a wide range of individual and business needs. Their offer portfolio addresses general and unique healthcare requirements, while also promoting healthy lifestyles. To facilitate easier access to their services, the company also offers an app and a quick quote system for prospective clients.