KYN is a luxury care home provider based in London that delivers personalised and holistic care to residents. They strive to redefine what a care home can and should be by creating an environment filled with love, respect, safety, and warmth. At KYN, they work to meaningfully engage the mind, maintain physical health, and nourish the spirit in a place of exceptional comfort.

The ethos of KYN stands out due to its distinct approach that is inspired by personal experiences of its team. They understand the search for care within their own families, and they channel this understanding into their service provision. This depth of empathy significantly contributes to how they can offer such an individualistic and holistic approach to their residents.

The personnel at KYN comprise of a highly professional and helpful team that ensures no task is too overwhelming. The testimonies from clients laud their individual approach that avoids fitting residents into stereotypical labels. Their diligence in meeting each resident's needs extends to making the necessary adjustments to achieve this quest. Notably, their management team has received considerable praise for their supportive role and their persistence in implementing the correct solutions for the residents.

Besides the stellar personal care, KYN sets an exceptionally high standard in terms of comfort. Entering their care facility at KYN BICKLEY, for instance, one would witness an evident transformation of what a typical care home looks like. An emphasis on creating homely and comfortable environments is evident across their homes. Their dedication towards providing unparalleled care is manifested in the patient-centric approach evident in the design and running of their care facilities.

KYN appears to be a trendsetter in the care sector, often cited as the ideal care home against which others should be compared. All these attributes point to an organization that is passionate about providing superior residential care and has, in turn, managed to set itself apart. However, the individuality and holistic approach they offer, combined with a warm, safe and comfortable setting, exemplifies their ability not to disappoint families and their loved ones seeking compassionate and personalized care. The skillful blend of a professional team, a carefully considered care philosophy, and a focus on creating exceptional environments for residents further underscore KYN's position as a luxury care home provider.

Business address

KYN Luxury Aged Care Homes
KYN, 4th Floor, 192 Sloane Street,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0)20 4530 7700