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A hospital is an institution that is either privately or publicly funded, that provides health & fitness care to the people in a region. Some hospitals will also draw patients from the entire country, as they may offer special programs not found in local institutions. Older hospitals were founded by religious orders, and charitable persons, but today many hospitals are operated by the state, national government, health insurance companies, and charities. They may accept donations from groups and individuals. Staffing today is with professional health care workers, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and others, where in the past the hospital facilities depended upon volunteers. Many hospitals today need volunteer staff to operate also.

There are general and specialty hospitals, hospitals that are used for teaching, and research. Some have internal clinics for walk in patients. Some feature diagnosis and therapy while others also have longer term stays, surgery and other rehabilitation services. Some problems arise with large hospitals, in that care may be less personal, and there are some problems with infections that may only occur in the institutional setting. Hospitals also offer community services, vaccinations, outreach services, home health care, and emergency services. Running a hospital is a job similar to running other large corporations, and there are many different departments within a hospital that are non medical that help make the institution run smoothly.

At least once in our lives we need to go to hospitals, whether we have a disease or we just need to visit somebody that is in hospital. These institutions aim to cure patients but hospitals may vary from country to country. Therefore, hospitals and institutions that provide medical assistance and deal with health care can be using advanced technology along with some of the best doctors in the area while others still use the same old equipment. It is all a matter of financial situation.

Hospitals group in categories, therefore we have hospitals that deal with general diseases and injuries, in such hospitals are usually treated most of the people that have a health problem. Besides these hospitals with a general profile, there are specialized institutions which focus on a certain type of disease or medical issue such as oncology centers for children. Teaching hospitals and clinics are the other two types of medical institutions and here residents are taught how to treat patients for their future jobs as doctors.

Since in the 21st century diseases occur more and more often, hospitals and other medical institutions begin to expand and broaden their research in order to find cures and vaccines. If you would like to know more about a disease, its symptoms or its treatments, web directory can provide you this sort of information. is accurate, reliable and simple to use.

As an institution, hospitals serve to help manage social well being. They are created by persons, but can become larger than life in and of themselves. They tend to be long lasting, and do have impact upon society and the local residents. They provide jobs, and are active in promotion health & fitness in an area. A web directory will provide lists of hospitals and other social institutions devoted to health and fitness.