The Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association (AHEA) is a self-regulated professional organization, which has been serving for more than 85 years. The association aims to impact the quality of life for families and individuals by assisting them in maximizing their resources utilization. The AHEA is a place for students and graduates of Human Ecology, Home Economics, Nutrition and Food Science, or Education majoring in the respective or related programs.

Memberships are available which enable access to 'Members Only' Pages along with additional resources and benefits. The association provides free membership to students, indicating their commitment to encouraging the next generation of professionals in the field. Those interested can contact the Registrar for membership opportunities.

The AHEA also organizes various events, such as the Class of 2024 Grad Mixer Conference and the Class of 2024 Graduation Class Mixer. These events present networking opportunities and allow members to engage with their peers and professionals within the field. The association also encourages volunteer initiatives and is consistently seeking individuals to help with upcoming events.

In addition to providing resources and organizing events, the AHEA promotes a strong professional ethical code. It is evident that maintaining a high standard of professional conduct is an integral part of their mission.

Verdict: the Alberta Human Ecology and Home Economics Association is a long-standing professional organization offering resources, events, and memberships to students and professionals in the field of Human Ecology and Home Economics. It is a notable platform for connection, learning, and maintaining high professional standards within the field.