You look so much better when you smile. That's because according to evolution, human's smile as a sign of indicating that they are friendly, and they mean no harm. Even monkeys smile, essentially as a sign of submission. That means that whenever we don't smile, even without the knowledge of evolution and why we smile, others instinctively find us hostile. Smile Design Dentistry is a dental practice located in Plymouth, Minnesota dedicated to making you seem as friendly as possible. If you are ashamed of smiling because you feel your smile makes you even more threatening, perhaps you should visit their website. This is what you should expect regardless of your purpose for visiting the website.

The User Interface

At the top of the homepage of the website is a large image depicting what seems to be a family. Well, the child in the picture hasn't yet received all his or her teeth but the few she/he has are as white as the snow in the surrounding. The mom and dad (I'm assuming the lady and gentleman behind him/her are his/her parents) also display white healthy smiles. At the very top of the homepage is some contact information; a telephone contact and an email address. Below the contact information is the logo of the dental practice. On the top right of the home page is the main menu of the website.

Below the picture that covers the entire screen of your monitor when the site loads for the first time is a small section that gives a brief introduction and description of Smile Design Dentistry. Below that is another section that indicates some of the services you should expect from the practice.

If you scroll down a little further, you'll come across a section that displays three different doctors. The three doctors seem to be the key doctors at the practice and the web designer of the site saw it fit for visitors to the site to familiarize themselves with who they will be dealing with in the event they choose to go for the services the practice offers.

Following are a few sections showing what services the practice offers, where the practice is located, some testimonials, and ultimately the page ends with the footer, which contains more contact information.

Just from the homepage alone, you'll learn all that you need to know about the kind of practice Smile Design Dentistry is, as well as the services they provide. The homepage of this site gives little glimpses of what you are going to find on the items of its main menu. The main items on its main menu are; Home, Dental Care, New Patients, Gallery, Testimonials, and Blog.

I'll discuss briefly the essential items on the main menu, which are; Dental Care, New Patients, Gallery, and Testimonials. The "Dental Care" page will give details about the kind of services you should expect from the practice. The "New Patients" page will show you how new patients should apply for appointments with the practice.

By the way, even if you don't have insurance, the practice will still serve you. Just go to the page to learn more about what you should do. The "Gallery" page contains before and after pictures of patients who have been successfully treated and transformed by the practice. The "Testimonials" page is simple; just what previous or earlier clients of the practice think about their experience. And lastly, the "Blog" item will direct you to the website's blog.


If you hover your mouse arrow over the "Dental Care" menu item on the main menu, a submenu with a list of all the services the practice offers will be revealed. You can click on any of the items on the submenus to be directed to a page giving details about the particular service. These are the services you will identify:

Family Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Orthodontics (both traditional braces and Invisalign)

Reconstructive Care

Dental Implants


3rd Molar Removal [while napping under sedation]

Emergency Care

Tooth Whitening

Smile Design Dentistry was recognized as the best dental practice in 2017 by the Minnesota Monthly. These are professionals we are dealing with. I'm sure there is something that interests you in the list above. Don't be afraid to explore and discover.


The pages of the website load fairly fast, and it's fully responsive. I essentially look at the load time and responsiveness when it comes to performance. This one got them right; so there's no more to say.


The Smile Design Dentistry website is simple. It's neatly organized, and its performance is great. I like the way the designers of the website thought to place all the necessary information that a visitor to the site may need on the home page. Just from the home page alone, you'll find all the information you need about the practice. You'll only have to view the items on the main menu when you need further information. The website is well done and anyone should have an easy time exploring it.

Business address

Smile Design Dentistry
3475 Plymouth Blvd #100,
United States

Contact details

Phone: +1-763-537-1238