Parenting with Dignity is a resource that provides curriculum materials, including DVDs and books, designed to assist parents in fostering a healthy, respectful, and empowering approach to child-rearing. The company, founded by Mac Bledsoe, prides itself on the fact that over seven million families worldwide have utilized their parenting curriculum. Their offerings include Parenting Curriculum, Parents Workbook (in English and Spanish), Facilitator Workbook, and a marketing plan.

In addition to these resources, Parenting with Dignity also encourages parents and caregivers to rethink their approach to discipline, punishment, and empowerment. They advocate allowing children to make some of their own decisions and experience the consequences early on in order to act responsibly away from parents or under peer pressure. This approach, they believe, helps children become more independent as they grow older.

Furthermore, they provide a platform for Mac Bledsoe, the founder, to share his insights and thoughts related to various parenting issues. For instance, Bledsoe recently wrote about bullying due to recent national media attention on a few events. He uses the platform to add valuable commentary to such ongoing discussions and to share his perspective on parenting-related matters.

Also of note is the company's readiness and ease of contact. They offer the ability to schedule a Skype meeting with Mac Bledsoe or to book him for speaking engagements, adding a personal touch to their service.

Moreover, they maintain an online presence where they encourage parents and educators to share their experiences and feedback. This offers a supportive community for those navigating parenthood or dealing with specific issues around education and child-rearing. They also provide free resources such as a parenting workbook.

Overall, Parenting with Dignity offers comprehensive resources and a fresh perspective on child-rearing. Its founder, Mac Bledsoe, brings a wealth of knowledge and a personal touch to the overarching philosophy of empowering children to make their own decisions and learn from the consequences. Through their materials and supportive services, they advocate a respectful and empowering approach to parenting that promotes independence and decision-making in children.