Family First is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting families in building stronger relationships. The primary aim of the organization is to present meaningful insight on topics related to parenting, marriage, and overall family relations, in hopes of enabling family members to express their love more effectively. They aim to supply hope for future family growth and reinforce family bonds.

One of their main initiatives, All Pro Dad, specifically targets fathers. The goal is to offer support, inspiration, and guidance to fathers so that they can effectively love and lead their family. They strive to encourage fathers to acknowledge their unique identity, cultivate sensitivity of heart, and establish boldness in their roles.

Another specific initiative aimed at mothers is the program iMOM. The program aims to inspire mothers to effectively love their families. The main objective is to provide assistance and hope that could lead to future enjoyment of their role as a mother.

Mark Merrill, the Founder and President of Family First, has dedicated his career and efforts towards strengthening family ties. From launching a daily radio program called Family Minute to authoring the book All Pro Dad: 7 Essentials to be a Hero to your Kids, Merrill's work is rooted in promoting truth and integrity for families. His goal is to foster an environment that nourishes strong family and marital relationships.

In their most recent publication, Family First identifies and discusses 5 ways in which people unknowingly become bad teammates. With its varied initiatives, programs, and insightful articles, the organization plays a significant role in guiding its subscribers to be more effective in their familial roles.