Layton Lakes Dental Care based in Chandler, Arizona, is an established dental practice that provides a comprehensive range of services. Their office, located at 3230 S. Gilbert Rd #4 Chandler, AZ 85286, offers various services such as Dentures, Extractions, White Fillings, Teeth Whitening, Same Day Crowns (CEREC), Implants, Dental Examinations, Root Canal Therapy, Teeth Cleaning, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Emergency Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Oral Cancer Screenings, Periodontics, and Geriatric Dentistry.

They strive to embed the latest technologies into their practice for the benefit of their patients. Constant learning and continuing education are among their top priorities, ensuring they stay abreast of latest developments in dental care, thereby providing their patients with the highest quality service.

Dental implants, one such superior service that they offer, have been proven advantageous for several reasons, including making it quite easier for patients to eat. Additionally, they provide teeth whitening services and strongly encourage prospective patients to engage in a consultative interaction to discuss their options ensuring optimal outcomes.

Layton Lakes Dental Care sets a high bar for patient expectations, aiming for them to expect nothing less than premier service from the practice. The business values the trust their patients place on them and looks forward to providing top-notch dental care. This clear customer-centric approach helps patients feel cared for, enhancing the overall dental experience and potentially reducing any dental anxieties a patient may harbor.

The ethos of the practice is firmly centered around the dental health of its patients. The goal is to ensure all patients have a smile they can be proud of, a clear indicator of the importance they place on oral health and aesthetics.

The practice's accessibility is another feature worth noting. Interested patients have various contact options; they can make a call using (480) 306-5506 or use the 'request an appointment' feature on the dental practice's website.

To sum up, Layton Lakes Dental Care appears to offer a wide range of dental services using the latest technologies, showcasing a strong commitment to continuing education to enhance their offerings. Their patient-centric focus ensures that the oral health and satisfaction of their patients remain their ultimate goal. This combination of technological advancements, comprehensive services, commitment to patient satisfaction, and continual professional growth positions Layton Lakes Dental Care as a standard-bearer for exceptional dental care practices.

Business address

3230 S Gilbert Rd #4,
United States

Contact details

Phone: (480) 306-5506