Stretch Now is a retail company that specializes in ergonomic products and yoga equipment. The company operates through a comprehensive online platform called This allows them to cater to a wide variety of customer needs related to wellness, fitness, and office ergonomics.

One side of the business focuses on yoga mats and props. The jute mat is a standout product and it ranges among the various yoga props offered by the company. However, the business extends far beyond just yoga products.

Stretch Now also offers an extensive range of ergonomic products that improve the comfort and efficiency of various tasks. These include different types of mouses, such as vertical mouses, trackball mouses, rollerbar mouses, 3D mouses, and touchpad mouses. Additionally, the range includes iPad stylus mouses and a variety of other mouses, meeting diverse technological and personal needs.

The company provides a significant selection of computer keyboards, covering ergonomic keyboards, mini keyboards and other keyboard types, presenting a variety of models suitable for different needs and work environments. The business's offering of keypads further adds to the diversity of their product range. For workspace comfort and efficiency, they offer a wide array of desk choices, such as on-desk manual, on-desk electric, height-adjustable desks, and monitor stands.

In order to facilitate a healthy and ergonomic work environment, multiple accessories are available for purchase, including CPU holders, document holders, footrests, keyboard trays, laptop stands, and tablet stands. Anti-fatigue mats for standing are also provided - reflecting the company's focus on health and safety in the workplace.

Moreover, Stretch Now provides task lighting, desk risers, a range of monitor arms, privacy and anti-glare filters, plus screen cleaning wipes. The company offers versatile attention to detail when it comes to creating an efficient office environment.

Furthermore, there is a selection of headset types and headset accessories, phone headsets, Voip/Computer headsets on offer. The inclusion of anti-blue light screen filters, anti-glare glasses amongst other products is indicative of a thorough understanding of common issues associated with extended screen use.

The company also provides software solutions like stretch break software and speech recognition software, ensuring that it caters comprehensively to digital workplace needs. Moreover, they supply ergonomically designed furniture, notably their specialty: height-adjustable desks. They offer a variety of models including rectangular desks, corner workstations, single column desks, further verifying their commitment to providing a comfortable workspace setup.