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  • National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) EP
    Official website of an organization that works with deaf children and their families to ensure they get the best possible start in life.

  • National Federation of the Blind EP
    National consumer and advocacy organization that provides public education about blindness. Offers literature, scholarships, referrals, and more.

  • Novitas Academy
    Special boarding school just for teenage boys with learning disabilities or difficulties, including autism and ADHD. Novitas' therapists provide a therapeutic and nurturing learning environment.

  • Ontario AIDS Network
    An ever-growing community in the Ontario region, composed out of diverse organizations who aim at improving and lengthening the lifestyle of those living with HIV and AIDS.

  • Power of Love Foundation
    US-based secular charity aiming to improve the lives and chances of those suffering from AIDS and HIV. They focus mainly on the situation in Africa, offering relief to women, especially grandmothers who have to raise their orphaned grandchildren.

  • PSI
    Official website of the worldwide organization that focuses on AIDS and HIV relief programs, along with anti-discrimination programs. Founded in 1970, PSI closely works with governments worldwide to offer equal chances to everybody, regardless of health status and minority adherence.

  • Royal National Institute for Deaf People EP
    Official website of the institute that represents the 8.7 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the U.K., providing information and selling equipment and publications.

  • Schwab Learning EP
    The website offers a parent's guide to helping kids with learning differences and disabilities, includes articles, message boards, event calendar, and free publications.

  • Social Role Valorization EP
    Online resource about Social Role Valorization (SRV). Features training events, published journals, and a discussion board.

  • Stepping Stones
    Located in the North California Bay Area, they offer services for children diagnosed with autism. Users can also get information about what it means to live with autism.

  • Summit Schools, Inc.
    Aimed at providing educational services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The individual education programs ensure a medium in which children can learn and grow.

  • The Homestead
    A two-way program, aimed at better incorporating people with autism into society and help society better accept and integrate them into itself. Activities include community service and play activities.

  • The Victory School
    Based in California, The Victory School provides an educational environment for children suffering from autism. Each child is assigned a teacher and put through special, well-thought programs that will help them overcome their disability.

  • Uppity DisAbility Internet Resources EP
    Socially progressive site for like minded disabled people who are interested in sharing their stories and communicating to others.

  • WheelchairNet EP
    Online information resource for people who are using wheelchair, but also for curating clinicians and manufacturers. The website also addresses researchers.

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